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10 awg mc4 connector For Solar System

Our MC4 Solar PV Connector & T-branch Connector are qualified with the Standard of DIN V VDE V 0126-3/12.06 and UL 6703.We have a closed-loop quality management system which was covered raw materials, production, testing, and stock. All quality records of our products can be traced.

The Characteristics of 10 awg mc4 connector For Solar System


The MC4 connector is a type of electrical connector commonly used in photovoltaic (PV) systems to connect solar panels to each other and to the rest of the system. The name MC4 stands for “Multi-Contact 4mm” and refers to the fact that the connector can accommodate cables with a diameter of up to 4mm.

The MC4 connector consists of two parts: a male connector and a female connector. The male connector has a metal pin and the female connector has a metal socket. When plugged together, the pin slides into the socket and makes a secure electrical connection.

One of the key features of the MC4 connector is its ability to provide a waterproof seal when mated. This is achieved through the use of rubber gaskets that surround the pins and sockets. The gaskets help to prevent moisture and dust from entering the connection, which can cause corrosion and reduce the performance of the system over time.

MC4 connectors are designed to be easy to install and remove, without the need for special tools or expertise. This makes them a popular choice for both residential and commercial PV installations.

Overall, the MC4 connector is a reliable and efficient solution for connecting solar panels in a variety of PV systems. Its ease of use, waterproof design, and compatibility with cables of up to 4mm make it a highly versatile connector for any solar project.

Product Standard: DIN V VDE V 0126-3/12.06, UL 6703 standard

Rated voltage 1000V/1500V
Rated Current 22A (2.5mm2)/30A (4/6mm2)
Contact resistance of plug connectors ≤0.5mΩ
Dia. of pin or socket 4mm
Protection degree (Mated/Unmated) IP67/IP2X
Operating temperature -40℃~+85℃
Insulation material PC/PA/PPO/TPE
Contact material Silver plated copper
Locking system Snap in
Cable cross section on request 2.5/4.0/6.0mm2